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Last week I moved to California to play music in a traveling van. I’ve never been an extremely materialistic person but there are many things that I have come to be so grateful for over the past week or so. Blankets for when the draft blows in around 2am. Layered Sleeping bags that feel like clouds when you’re lying on wooden platforms. Toilets. Clean ones. Toilet paper. Clean ones. PARKING. Shady areas and cool breezes. Shelter. Some moments we didn’t even know if we had a home. Our van would break/stall out/not turn on and we would just wait. It’s in the waiting moments that we’ve struggled the most and grown the most. Flying into Oakland airport, catching a train to San Francisco, catching a bus to LA, another to Vegas to retrieve a possibly broken van (and home.) driving four hours in a van through Death Valley just praying we would make it through to the other side. Spending hours on Craigslist looking for homes for rent, calling property managers for apartments throughout the city. Getting stood up by one realtor just to walk away more determined and comforted that God had better around the corner. Walking through back alleys right after and stumbling upon an open house with a property manager named angel. Finding our apartment through this kind person who seemingly fell out of the sky. Applied for my first place with no credit, no proof of income (ever) ((self employed)), and no local address. Prayed. Chose thankfulness over discouragement through the long days of waiting. Got the apartment. Cried.